An Overview of Luxury Alligator Shoes

An Overview of Luxury Alligator Shoes

November 12, 2018

Are you looking for a kind of footwear that’s unique and stylish, that will set you apart from everyone else? Alligator leather is highly stylish, and rapidly gaining in popularity among people with bolder style tastes. But it’s not just the style that’s making its popularity surge—it’s also popular among designers because the material is capable of lasting for many years. A high-quality pair of alligator boots may be expensive, yes, but you can trust that it’s going to provide you with timeless style for years to come.

Most alligator shoes feature leather made from the skin of the American alligator. This is because it is the least bony of all the crocodilian skins you’ll find on the market. It has very smooth and consistent scales that make it a workable material and more attractive when used for clothing and accessories. The scales of the alligator are much more circular than you’ll find in other types of leather as well. Most of the time, the leather comes from the gator’s belly, because that’s the part of the skin that creates the leather that is least likely to have defects.

Ensuring the quality of your leather

Of course, while alligator leather is generally up to a higher standard than other types of leather, that does not mean there isn’t any variance among alligator leathers.

You don’t necessarily need to purchase the highest-priced leather to get the highest quality appearance. As far as shoes go, generally you’re able to settle for a grade two or three alligator skin. Just make sure you look closely at the shoes to see if the defects that are going to be in that leather are in relatively inconspicuous places.

There are several other factors you’ll want to consider as well with regard to the quality:

  • Price:
    The price you can expect to pay for alligator leather is closely tied to the grade of the skin. Because you don’t have to look for grade one skins (those being the highest-quality skins with the fewest defects), the alligator leather for shoes should be less expensive than for other types of applications. It’s still going to be a higher price than most other types of leather, but compared to other alligator leather products, the shoes are typically less expensive.
  • Similarities in skins:
    The skin from the alligator’s belly and the skin from the tail should be pretty similar to each other. Just make sure you have scales that are close in appearance. You want each of your shoes to have a very similar pattern; otherwise it will look like you’re wearing two completely different brands of shoes.
  • Grade:
    We know that grade plays a role in determining the price of the leather, but what determines the grade? Some of the factors are the shape and size of the skin, the number (and characteristics) of imperfections and the characteristics of the scales.

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