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Exotic Leather Is a Subtly Sexy Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

January 26, 2021

If you’re looking for unique Valentine’s Day gifts in Baton Rouge, LA, consider something made from exotic leather. There’s something subtly sexy about leather for both men and women, so it’s kind of surprising that it’s an unusual Valentine’s Day gift. Whether you prefer the plush feel of alligator, the... View Article

How to Care for Leather Clothing and Apparel

January 12, 2021

No one looks good sporting a stiff, cracked leather jacket. Leather clothes often come as an afterthought on laundry day because people in Baton Rouge, LA don’t know what to do with them. Here’s how to take care of your purses, shoes and all things leather. Wipe away dirt and... View Article

Why Everyone Needs Leather Apparel in Their Closet

December 29, 2020

Leather is the perfect solution for those in Baton Rouge, LA who are looking to spruce up their wardrobe. The numerous advantages of leather have made it a favorite throughout the centuries that lives on today. After learning about the benefits of leather, you’ll see why leather apparel is one... View Article

Our Products Make Great, Unique Gifts for Any Occasion!

December 15, 2020

Still searching for the perfect gift? Whether it’s holidays, birthdays or special once-in-a-lifetime events, there’s nothing like high-quality leather accessories to show a loved one that you care. When you need exotic, unique leather gifts in Baton Rouge, LA, Acadian Leather can help. We specialize in custom-designed products in exotic... View Article

Tips for Reviving Leather Shoes

November 28, 2020

When you have a favorite pair of shoes, they can really take a beating. Luckily, when properly cared for, quality leather can last for decades. Reviving your old leather shoes doesn’t take much effort, and can help you squeeze out as much use as possible. Here’s how to revive old... View Article