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Types of Leather Explained

June 1, 2021

There are several different types of leather available in Baton Rouge, LA, used in everything from horse saddles to high quality leather accessories. On top of that, you can also choose from different types of leather finishes. If your exposure to leather has been limited to stopping by a store... View Article

What’s the Most Expensive Exotic Leather?

May 18, 2021

Leather accessories have long been prized for their natural beauty, especially if the hide comes from an exotic animal. If you’ve been wondering which exotic leather is the most expensive in Baton Rouge, LA, read on. While there are plenty of rare, exotic skins to be had, only one earns... View Article

How to Choose the Best Exotic Leather for Your Handbag

May 14, 2021

The right handbag can take a stunning outfit and push it over the top into extraordinary territory. If you’re looking for an eye-catching and memorable accessory in Baton Rouge, LA to help you turn heads wherever you go, you may want to consider exotic leather handbags. There are many different... View Article

The Difference Between Alligator and Caiman Exotic Leathers

April 30, 2021

Leather is a luxurious material that can be made into beautiful clothing and accessories. Alligator leather is one of the most popular choices for exotic leather due to its skin pattern and soft feel. But when considering exotic leathers in Baton Rouge, LA, there’s more than just alligator to keep... View Article

Top Four Tips to Help You Determine Genuine vs. Imitation Leather

April 6, 2021

Have you always wondered how to identify real leather from a clever imitation? Quality leather makes all the difference in the products you buy, not just in terms of durability, but also in terms of appearance. If you’re buying any leather products or hides in Baton Rouge, LA, here’s how... View Article

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