From Ostrich Belts to Ostrich Wallets in Baton Rouge, LA: How Ostrich Leather Is Used

From Ostrich Belts to Ostrich Wallets in Baton Rouge, LA: How Ostrich Leather Is Used

March 29, 2019

Have you ever owned an ostrich wallet in Baton Rouge, LA? Have you ever considered what other uses there might be for ostrich leather? This valuable material is highly sought after in some circles. Its quality and rarity make it a high-end option for a variety of products.

Following are some of the most common ostrich leather finishes and how they are used to create consumer products. To browse a great selection of these items, such as ostrich wallets in Baton Rouge, LA, visit Acadian Leather.

Ostrich Leg Leather

Some manufacturers use ostrich leg leather to develop their products. This typically comes in three types. Brushed ostrich leg leather is stronger than suede but offers a similar texture. Glazed ostrich leg leather gets shinier as it ages and develops small cracks in the scales, adding uniqueness to each product. Metallic leg leather features a thin metal foil finish.

This type of leather is not waterproof, so it must be carefully maintained. Exposure to moisture can leave permanent water marks. Coating the product with Scotchgard or waterproofing chemicals may help, but these can cause a darkening of the material. Always test on a small area before attempting to make your ostrich wallet in Baton Rouge, LA water resistant.

Ostrich Leather Processing

There are many options for processing ostrich leather. Each provides a different finish to create the desired look for the completed product.

Classic processing offers a semi-gloss or opaque finish. Vintage processing creates a lived-in effect by producing a non-uniform color scheme. Satin processing develops a soft leather that has a shiny surface that resembles satin. Pearled processing produces a very soft matte finish.

Ostrich Leather Products

Manufacturers use these materials and processes to create a variety of products for consumers. Some of the most common include hand bags, boots, wallets and belts. These items feature unique finishes that distinguish them from other materials.

Each ostrich skin is typically between 1.3 and 1.8 meters. Creating a handbag can require up to three skins. This is because handbag production often uses only the central section of the skin, where the follicles have created a unique pattern. (Follicles are the pores where feathers once protruded.) The more follicles present on the leather, the more prestigious it is considered.

Other items, such as wallets and belts, often make use of ostrich leg skin, which looks more like fish scales. These items are often similar in style to alligator skin products. They feature natural markings and scale patterns that make each item unique.

Where to Find Ostrich Leather Products

If you are looking for quality ostrich products, such as ostrich wallets in Baton Rouge, LA, Acadian Leather is your go-to source. Serving customers since 1993, we specialize in custom-made exotic leather products such as belts, wallets, purses, shoes, boots and other customized accessories. We also offer skin brokering and the importing and exporting of exotic skins. Come browse our selection of quality ostrich items and remember, if we don’t have something you want, we can get it for you!

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