What Are the Benefits of Ostrich Cowboy Boots vs. Traditional?

What Are the Benefits of Ostrich Cowboy Boots vs. Traditional?

April 23, 2019

While there are a variety of leather products that are used to fashion comfortable and stylish clothing and accessories, one that’s lesser known is ostrich leather. Historically, this animal product has been around for a long time, originating in South Africa in the 19th century and coming back in demand for cowboy boots in the U.S. and Europe in the 1970s and ‘80s.

It’s likely that ostrich leather wouldn’t be the first item you’d think of to be used for cowboy boots, which are typically made of cowhide leather, but it’s gaining popularity due to its numerous benefits. That starts with the aesthetic value, but extends to practical considerations as well.

If you’re considering taking the plunge and buying high-quality men’s ostrich cowboy boots in Baton Rouge, LA, read on to find out more about their benefits:

  • Unique look and texture: You’d be surprised at the fascinating aesthetic quality of ostrich leather. Because of the natural oils it contains, cracking and stiffness are virtually non-existent. It’s both pliable and supple, yet long-lasting. Once you see and feel this product, you may never be able to go back. It’s tough, yet surprisingly comfortable.
  • Variety of patterns: Because there isn’t as much skin on an ostrich as on a cow, the production process is more extensive. The skin from different parts of the animal are used together, meaning that these boots will come in a range of patterns. From full quill ostrich leather—that’s the bumpy kind—to ostrich leg leather, there are plenty of choices. Find one that fits your tastes and try them out!
  • Durability: One thing many people are surprised about is that ostrich leather is known for its durability. It’s soft and luxurious, but can still withstand tough conditions like cowhide can. This means that your investment—when cared for properly—can last years into the future. Using a protective spray on ostrich leather will help ensure that it stays looking beautiful even after extensive use.
  • The cream of the crop: Ostrich leather isn’t just great for boots. Due to its exotic and interesting nature, ostrich leather is used in a range of haute couture designer products like Gucci handbags. Handbags and belts are often made out of ostrich leather as well. Designers recognize quality when they see it, which is why ostrich leather is making a comeback.

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