How to Find a Nuisance Alligator Trapper in Louisiana

How to Find a Nuisance Alligator Trapper in Louisiana

July 29, 2019

The fact is that, if you have a problem with an alligator, you want that problem solved as soon as possible! People are reasonably worried about the safety of their pets, their children and their livestock, as well as a range of other issues when an alligator is living on their property. Louisiana is one state that allows for the removal of nuisance alligators by licensed and trained trappers.

For most people, their only interaction with alligators will be in the form of exotic leather products in Baton Rouge, LA, as it should be. But if you’re having a problem with a real, live alligator, read on to find out how to secure the services of a nuisance alligator trapper:

  • Time of year: The first thing to remember is that alligators are most active during spring—April and May specifically—which is their mating and nesting season. This is when you’re most likely to encounter alligators that aren’t just passing through.
  • What attracts gators: Alligators don’t necessarily damage property very much, but they are liable to enter your home or take a dip in an in-ground pool or decorative pond. Water features on a property may be alluring to alligators, who like to bask in the sun next to bodies of water. A good way to prevent this is through fencing, but alligators can find their ways around most deterrents if they’re sufficiently determined.
  • Getting rid of alligators: If you’ve found an alligator is staying on your property, it’s right for you to be concerned. Don’t try to remove the alligator yourself—at every age and size, alligators can be dangerous and surprisingly strong. Instead, hire a trained professional licensed by the state of Louisiana to remove the alligator. Typically, they work in teams, with one holding the alligator while the other slips a noose around the snout and blindfolds the alligator. Then the legs can be secured. Alligators under four feet long are relocated; those longer than four feet are humanely killed, with the meat and hides being sold.
  • Alligator facts: Did you know that alligators are only native to China and North America? This species is thought to have been around for more than 200 million years, with little to no change in genetics or appearance. They’re surprisingly common in the American South, including in Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Alabama.

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