What Are Nuisance Alligators?

What Are Nuisance Alligators?

July 15, 2019

Living in Louisiana comes with its own set of challenges. One is nuisance alligators that are liable to wreak havoc on people’s properties. Luckily, the state licenses a network of about 65 alligator hunters to capture these nuisance alligators. Currently the state receives more than 2,000 complaints each year, and harvests about 3,000 alligators while relocating smaller alligators. The program’s intent is to minimize conflicts between alligators and humans.

One use for genuine alligator skin in Baton Rouge, LA is handmade boots, belts, accessories and other items. Louisiana’s plentiful population of alligators means that it’s the ideal place to find the real deal when it comes to alligator products. Let’s take a look at how the state goes about removing nuisance alligators:

  • Not all gators were created equal: The state notes that the mere presence of an alligator doesn’t make it a nuisance. Most alligators will simply move on. When alligators are less than four feet long, they’re not considered a nuisance to pets, livestock or humans. Those that are four feet or longer are considered a threat, however, and therefore qualify to be removed according to the nuisance alligator program.
  • Exceptions: There are some cases in which smaller alligators may be considered a threat—for example, if the alligator is approaching people for an extended period. Sometimes alligators may hiss, indicating that a person has come too close. Typically, though, they’re afraid of humans and will begin a quick retreat if you encroach on their territory.
  • Safety: It’s very rare for alligators to chase people. However, they are able to run up to 35 mph for short distances on land, so you won’t be able to outrun them—they’re not as slow and lethargic as you might think! Should an alligator become aggressive, it’s best to back away slowly, demonstrating that you don’t pose a threat. The reality is that a threatened alligator will defend itself.
  • Alligator behavior: It’s very common for alligators to bask near bodies of water like streams for an extended period of time. Typically, they’re warming their bodies and not hunting, even though their mouths may be open. When alligators leave bodies of water to encounter livestock, pets or humans, then they may be considered a nuisance. It’s best to avoid swimming holes with alligators nearby for really obvious reasons.

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