Are Leather Gloves a Good Winter Option?

Are Leather Gloves a Good Winter Option?

September 10, 2019

Once the weather warms up in spring, we often find ourselves tossing our winter gear in the back of the closet and forgetting about it until the temperatures drop once more. It’s easy to forget that last year’s gloves didn’t keep your hands warm the way they should have. Maybe it’s time to upgrade to beautiful and protective leather gloves.

Leather is a popular glove material because of its versatility—not just in style, but in warmth, depending on their construction. Below are our tips for choosing the right glove style and insulation so that you’ll stay warm and stylish no matter the weather. When you’re ready to invest in custom leather gloves or other exotic leather products in Baton Rouge, LA, contact the pros at Acadian Leather.

Benefits of leather gloves

Leather has been used in glove-making for centuries, for both fashion and warmth. Kid gloves, for example, are thin leather gloves made of kidskin and used primarily for fashion. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are leather work gloves that are made solely for utility.

Leather is superior at blocking wind: it’s literally a second skin. However, if you want to stay warm, you’ll need to choose the right insulation for your needs and climate.


Insulation is key to keeping warm—otherwise, the leather just provides a thin layer of protection from the elements. We recommend having a pair of gloves in each of our favorite styles: unlined (for warmer days above 32 degrees Fahrenheit), cashmere (above 17 degrees) and wool (for temperatures below 17 degrees). Having multiple pairs also allows you to wear them in a rotation, thus extending the lifespan of your winter gloves.

Cheaper gloves often have a polyester or polyester-wool blend type of lining, which will last longer but be far less comfortable and warm. Making sure you have the right type of lining for the weather will ensure your comfort.

Fit and style

Getting the right fit and style for your leather gloves is the final key to the perfect accessory. There should be a small pocket of air between your fingertips—this will trap warm air to keep your fingers warm. You should also ensure that the leather doesn’t bunch at the base of your fingers, as that will prevent the insulation from doing its job. Finally, you’ll want the base of the glove to extend past your wrist. It should be long enough to cover the exposed skin between your sleeves and hands.

Get custom leather gloves and other exotic leather products in Baton Rouge, LA

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