How to Protect Your Leather from Water and the Weather

How to Protect Your Leather from Water and the Weather

September 20, 2019

Winter can be rough on your leather products. From rain to ice and snow, even the highest quality products will eventually take a beating. Investing time into caring for your leather goods can help your investment last a lifetime.

As you know, leather was once the skin of an animal—and skin requires special care. Here’s an overview of why you need to protect your leather, as well as our favorite tips for keeping your leather products looking beautiful. Since 1993, Acadian Leather has been the experts on exotic leather products in Baton Rouge, LA and how to care for them—contact us for more information about how to take good care of your leather goods.

How winter weather damages leather

Water marks: Water stains are nearly impossible to remove from leather, so it’s important that you address any contact with water immediately. Rain, ice and snow can all leave tiny water marks that will sink deep into the leather. If your leather goods get soaked, there’s a stronger chance of discoloration and stiffening.

Dehydration: Leather is treated animal skin, and it’s easy for skin to become dehydrated. Water can dry the oils in the leather, causing it to stiffen, crease, crack and even split!

Stretching: Anytime your leather goods get soaked, you not only risk discoloration but also stretching. Leather softens in water, losing its shape.

Salt stains: Road salt is another pesky culprit; although it rarely snows in Louisiana, you’ll still want to be cautious if you travel. Road salt can stain your shoes or other leather products, as well as cause it to dry out, stiffen, crack or bubble.

How to keep your leather products safe

Conditioners: We recommend getting a special leather oil, polish, spray or conditioner to help keep your leather supple. Usually, this involves using a rag to massage the conditioner into the leather. You can also use spray-on water repellents like Scotchgard, but we suggest reaching out to us to get specific tips for your individual item.

Wipe, dry and dehumidify: If your leather goods come into contact with any of the elements, make sure you wipe them down before they stain. You might also consider investing in a home dehumidifier to keep your leather goods free of excess moisture, especially in our humid climate.
Avoid extremes: Finally, if the weather is extreme, your best option is to leave your exotic leather goods at home. Don’t risk damaging your investment when the weather is less than beautiful!

Custom exotic leather products in Baton Rouge, LA

Would you like more information on properly caring for your exotic leather products in Baton Rouge, LA? At Acadian Leather, we make sure you’re getting the highest quality of exotic leather products every time. From the animal to the finishing, you can trust us to produce top-notch leather products no matter what kind of product or custom design you’re looking for. Reach out to us today to learn more about what we carry and get tips for effective leather care!

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