How to Protect Your Exotic Leather Products in Baton Rouge, LA During the Winter Months

How to Protect Your Exotic Leather Products in Baton Rouge, LA During the Winter Months

November 8, 2019

The crisp fall air reminds us that winter is on its way. The weather will soon change from cool to cold (and to freezing in some areas of the country), so now is the time to make sure that your leatherwear and accessories are ready for winter weather. Double-check that items like leather footwear and purses are protected from wet and cold conditions, and be sure to clean off moisture and debris after wearing. For as strong, flexible and versatile a material as leather is, it is not indestructible—but there are things you can do to help it retain its good looks and strength.

Read on for winter care tips for leather shoes, boots, bags and more. Here’s how to protect your exotic leather products in Baton Rouge, LA during the winter months:

Wear the right fit: Before winter is the ideal time to check that your leather shoes and boots fit properly. Like footwear made of fabric or rubber, brand-new leather boots and shoes will take a little time to break in. It will take a few wears or some manual stretching to get to the right level of comfort for your feet, but a good pair of leather shoes is well worth the wait. If you have a favorite pair of leather shoes, you might have a cobbler put a thin protective sole on the bottoms to help prevent extra wear.

Regular maintenance: Your leather shoes, boots and bags need regular maintenance during the winter months. In addition to wiping away moisture and debris after wearing leather outside, you should also recondition and moisturize it regularly as a line of defense against normal wear and tear. Pick up a good leather conditioner oil from your local leather shop.

Brush leather: Another step in leather care is brushing your leather items between cleaning and moisturizing. A basic inexpensive plastic shoe brush is the perfect tool for removing dried-on mud. Run the brush over leather before using a moisturizer on it.

Dry thoroughly: Winter weather can be very wet. If you live in an area where it usually rains, snows or hails in the winter, and you wear leather pieces, consider investing in a quality shoe and boot dryer. This device will completely dry your leather footwear overnight, as well as leather accessories like gloves, scarves and hats.

Let it breathe: When you purchase new leather footwear, hang on to the cardboard box it came in for storage purposes. The cardboard allows air to circulate, and keeps them clean and dust free. Avoid storing leather boots or shoes in plastic containers, but if you must, drill air holes so the leather can breathe.

Use dust bags: Never hang leather bags. Hanging puts undue stress on the shoulder straps, which can cause wear. Leather bags that are stiff are best stored upright in a cloth dust bag, while more flexible bags should lay on one side in a dust bag.

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