What's the Most Durable Type of Leather?

What’s the Most Durable Type of Leather?

January 16, 2020

When you pay top dollar for exotic leather products in Baton Rouge, LA, you naturally expect them to be of the highest quality, with the ability to resist damage and wear and last well into the future. In order to ensure that you are able to get the most out of any leather products you purchase, it is best to first understand the level of durability that some of the most common types of leather offer:

  • Full grain: Full grain leather uses the topmost layer of the hide and all of the grain that comes with it, and as a result is the purest form of leather available. Left untouched, this type of leather will have all of the natural markings and imperfections from the hide, which has actually become one of the more renowned features of full grain leather. Because the hide is not split and all of the strongest fibers of the full grain are included, this is also one of the toughest and most durable types of leather available.
  • Top grain: To produce top grain leather, the hide is split, and only the top layer is utilized. This layer is then sanded before the imperfections are removed, resulting in a smoother and more flexible piece of leather. Despite this increased flexibility, top grain leather is still extremely strong, but it can be prone to some permanent stretching over time.
  • Corrected grain leather: When the hide is split and the outermost layer is used for top grain leather products, the remaining skin layers of the hide are combined to form corrected grain leather. This leather tends to be particularly tough because it is hidden underneath the top layers, and is thus commonly used in the production of furniture or other items that require more stability. To achieve the perfect look, corrected grain leather is sanded before being either spray-painted or embossed to restore the natural leather look.
  • Bonded leather: Bonded leather is comprised of all of the remaining pieces of the hide, which may include dust and shavings. Like corrected grain, this type of leather is also spray-painted to mimic the natural look, but it can be difficult to determine what percentage of actual leather is in the makeup of a particular bonded leather product.

Familiarity with these four main categories of leather will help you better determine the type of durability you can expect from the products you purchase. For example, because of the strength that natural full grain leather offers, it is considered to be the only leather suitable for saddle making, and is the go-to option for those looking for luxury products of the highest quality. Made of top grain leather, suede and nubuck are among the toughest types of leather, which is why they are commonly used to make rugged camping and hiking shoes with extended longevity.

Here at Acadian Leather, it is our mission to not only provide you with premium, high-quality leather goods, but also to help you become a more informed buyer for every future purchase you make. For the very best in handcrafted, custom exotic leather products in Baton Rouge, LA that you can rely on for durability, style and luxury, come check out our selection today.

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