Is Your Bag Making You Sick?

Is Your Bag Making You Sick?

April 9, 2020

If you have a favorite handbag—one that you carry around all the time, and rarely switch out—it could be that your bag is actually making you sick. With an increased emphasis on hygiene and avoiding illness these days, it’s smart to make regular cleaning part of your routine. If you don’t, you could be needlessly re-exposing yourself to E. coli, bacteria from fecal matter and other harmful microbes. Read on to find out how to clean and sanitize your leather purse in Baton Rouge, LA.

How your handbag can make you sick

Studies have shown that handbags can pick up a significant amount of harmful bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that can lead to serious illness. After all, we bring our handbags with us everywhere, from public transportation to the restaurant bathroom. Is it any wonder that our bags pick up a variety of germs during our travels?

If you’re a mom, you’re even more likely to be carrying around a host of microbes. (Maybe it’s not your child that’s the germ-carrying petri dish—maybe it’s actually your handbag.) When you consider the number of pacifiers, used tissues, diapers and toys that kids require, it’s no wonder that moms tend to be carrying more pathogens than their childless counterparts.

The type of handbag matters, too—leather and suede don’t carry nearly the same amount of germs as cloth bags, and they’re usually easier to clean, too. But no matter what type of bag you carry, the bottom is always the part with the most germs.

If you haven’t cleaned your bag in a while—or ever—you could be carrying around up to 500,000 different types of illness-causing bacteria. That’s a good reason to wipe down that bag!

How to clean and sanitize your purse in Baton Rouge, LA

To clean your leather or vinyl bag, use a sanitizing wipe (alcohol-free is preferable) and wipe it all over the exterior, including handles and hardware. If there are no wipes available, you can rub a small amount of hand sanitizer over the surface with a soft, clean cloth. Let the bag dry completely overnight, preferably in a cool, dry environment.

For a fabric bag, you’ll need to test its colorfastness. Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the bottom of your bag and wait to see if it makes the color run or fade. If not, gently wipe the bag with an alcohol-dampened cloth. Let dry thoroughly before using.

Finally, be sure to use a high-quality leather conditioner on your leather bags to extend their life and beauty.

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