Celebrities Love Wearing Crocodile!

Celebrities Love Wearing Crocodile!

August 25, 2020

For decades, editors and designers used crocodile skin handbags, footwear and other accessories in magazine spreads and covers, runway shows and advertising. This exotic, high-end material looks stunning in casual and formal styles for both women and men. We often look to celebrities and leather in Baton Rouge, LA for design inspiration.

Why crocodile?

Crocodile fashion and celebrities in Baton Rouge, LA go way back. There’s an endless list of reasons why the rich and famous invest in crocodile skin purses, shoes, wallets, belts and so on. This luxurious material is long lasting, unique and stylish. When designed and made by experienced craftspeople, crocodile accessories remain effortlessly chic for years.

The celebrities who love wearing crocodile

Whether they’ve had successful careers in film, music and television or inherited their wealth and notoriety, it’s safe to say many famous people love crocodile skin accessories. Here’s just a few celebrities spotted out and about sporting crocodile purses, boots and other pieces:

  • Jennifer Lopez: She began as a backup dancer, and now Jennifer Lopez stars in movies, releases popular albums and carries Hermès Birkin bags made from crocodile skin.
  • Jay-Z: Think crocodile accessories are just for women? Wrong! Jay-Z carries a crocodile backpack when he’s out and about.
  • Maria Shriver: Once married to the Governator himself, Shriver is related to the Kennedy family and also loves her Hermès Birkin bags.
  • Kris Jenner: “Momager” to the Kardashians, Jenner regularly carries Hermès Birkin bags in a number of crocodile skin varieties.
  • Kim Kardashian: The high-profile middle Kardashian sibling regularly uses any one of her many Hermès Birkin purses while the paparazzi photograph her leaving restaurants and stores.
  • Marjorie Harvey: This fashionista married Steve Harvey in 2007, and has been on a mission ever since to collect as many gorgeous crocodile accessories as possible.
  • Jada Pinkett Smith: Yet another actor known for taking Hermès Birkin bags with her whenever she leaves home, Jada Pinkett Smith knows the value of a high-quality crocodile purse.
  • Kate Upton: Exposed to the finest in fashion, this model opts for crocodile accessories, such as the Céline Crocodile Luggage Tote.
  • Victoria Beckham: This former Spice Girl married England’s most beloved soccer player and became a style icon worthy of the name Posh Spice. She even has a line of handbags made with crocodile skin.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker: After six seasons and two movies as Carrie Bradshaw, people trust Sarah Jessica Parker’s taste in clothing, handbags and, most importantly, shoes.
  • Beyoncé: This dynamic musician has been a star on the rise since her days with Destiny’s Child. Of course, as an A-list celebrity, you can expect to see Beyoncé donning crocodile accessories both on and off stage.
  • Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen: Their careers started when they were just learning to speak, and they turned that notoriety into an empire of straight-to-video movies, children’s clothing and more. Now they wear only the most exquisite crocodile pieces.

As you can see, crocodile fashion and celebrities in Baton Rouge, LA go hand in hand. Handbags, shoes, boots and other pieces made with crocodile skin remain classic and fabulous for years to come. Interested in investing in your own custom-made crocodile accessory from Acadian Leather? Contact us today for more information!

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