Alligator Hunting Season Is Here

Alligator Hunting Season Is Here

September 9, 2020

Whether you’ve been an avid alligator hunter for years or you’re interested in trying your hand at alligator hunting for the first time, it’s time to get ready for alligator hunting season. Alligator hunting season in Louisiana is divided into two zones: east and west. The alligator hunting season in Louisiana in the east zone opens the last Wednesday in August, and on the first Wednesday in September in the west zone. Keep reading for more information on alligator hunting season in Louisiana to make sure you’re prepared.

Alligator hunting season

Whether you’re in the east zone or the west zone, alligator hunting season in Louisiana lasts for 60 days from the start of the season. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries posts a map that details the zones and provides more information about specific requirements for the first and last days of the hunting season. All hunting must be done between official sunrise and official sunset. Hunters are not permitted to hunt for alligators at night.

In addition to the rules about when and where alligator hunting is allowed, there are also important rules about how to hunt and limits on harvesting. There aren’t any size requirements for alligators hunted during the designated season, but there are rules about how many alligators a hunter can harvest. To legally harvest an alligator, a hunter must first secure hunting tags. A hunter can only harvest an alligator if the hunter possesses a tag for the animal. If you have extra tags after the close of the season, simply return them to the LDWF within 15 days of the last day of the hunting season.

In addition to thinking about complying with harvesting time and quantity requirements, it’s also important to consider how to hunt alligators in Louisiana. Hunters have three options when it comes to harvesting methods:

  • Hook and line: This is the most common method used for alligator hunting. Hunters use raw meat on a line suspended over the water to lure alligators and trap them on hooks attached to the lines. After alligators are trapped, hunters dispatch them immediately to ensure the harvest is as humane as possible.
  • Bow and arrow: Many hunters use bow and arrow hunting to capture alligators or dispatch them after capturing them with the hook and line method. Hunters are required to use barbed arrows and lines that meet a certain weight capacity. In addition, there are some restrictions preventing bow and arrow hunting in some public waterways.
  • Firearms: Hunters can use firearms to hunt alligators that are free swimming or to dispatch alligators that are on a line. Hunters are not permitted to hunt alligators with shotguns.

Alligator hunting season in Louisiana

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