How Do Professionals Make a Pair of Alligator Boots?

How Do Professionals Make a Pair of Alligator Boots?

November 10, 2020

Alligator leather is one of the most popular types of exotic leather used in the creation of shoes and boots. But how does the process of creating alligator boots work? How different is it than using other, more common forms of leather?

Here’s an overview of how the process of creating quality alligator shoes in Baton Rouge, LA generally works:

  • Design: The first step in creating a pair of alligator boots is to think about the design you will use for the footwear, and the style you’re looking to exude. Alligator skin is very delicate, so you need to make sure you have a highly detailed plan in place before you actually start working with the leather. The designer will spend some time on their drafts to make sure it perfectly represents what they want to create before they move forward with the actual creation of the footwear.
  • Last of the shoe: The first step in creating exotic leather boots is usually to create the last of the shoe first. Designers frequently carve the last of the shoe by using their hands. After carving, they then proceed on to the upper style, and make sure it’s formed as perfectly and precisely as possible.
  • Cutting the pattern: At this point, the designer is able to begin cutting the pattern into the alligator skin for the pieces that will go on the upper sections of the boots. It’s important for the designer to be careful when cutting to match the scales as much as possible, including the size of the scales, to give a more consistent and attractive appearance. High-quality alligator boots have a very keen attention to detail where the scales will match up almost seamlessly, a feature that is highly sought after.
  • Skiving: For the skin to come out looking smooth, it will need to be put through a skiving machine, right after the skin gets cut into pieces for assembly. All pieces will run through the skiving machine to be smoothed out.
  • Embroidery and holes: After skiving, the skin will be ready for embroidery and for all decorative holes. The embroidery and holes will vary based on the design, but this is the stage at which this work must be accomplished.
  • Detailing: Once embroidery and holes are done, any fashion detailing that will be done on the boots can be performed by a designer or artist who has the experience and skills needed to do this job. It’s a highly complicated process that requires a great attention to detail and some very deft hands.
  • Attaching: Finally, all the pieces get attached together, and the sole gets prepared. The artist grinds down the bottom of the upper part and performs any necessary hammering, and the bottom will receive some coating.

This is just a general overview of the processes used to create alligator boots. If you’re interested in learning more about the creation of quality alligator shoes and the selection of exotic leather products we have available in Baton Rouge, LA, contact Acadian Leather today.

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