Exotic Leather Is a Subtly Sexy Valentine's Day Gift Idea

Exotic Leather Is a Subtly Sexy Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

January 26, 2021

If you’re looking for unique Valentine’s Day gifts in Baton Rouge, LA, consider something made from exotic leather. There’s something subtly sexy about leather for both men and women, so it’s kind of surprising that it’s an unusual Valentine’s Day gift. Whether you prefer the plush feel of alligator, the supple softness of ostrich leather or the sexy bite of snakeskin, there are many attractive leather options that will surprise and delight your valentine this year.


There are a lot of good options when it comes to purses made of leather:

  • Clutch: These small bags can make a big statement. A clutch can tie an outfit together, and makes a great conversation starter at events.
  • Satchel: A purse made from alligator leather screams luxury. It’s also durable and practical. It can even be made in custom colors to match anyone’s personal style.
  • Tote: There are tote bags, and then there are tote bags. This is the latter. A leather tote is certainly a step up from a canvas bag advertising your favorite bookstore. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s probably not as versatile.
  • Cross-body bag: Looking for something sleeker and lower profile? This bag can be worn comfortably and still look good, and it’s generally more budget friendly than larger bags.
  • Shoulder bag: Probably the most versatile type of purse, these come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. To top it off, they can be customized to fit anyone’s personal taste.

Boots and shoes

Footwear is one of the best ways to express personality and style through what we wear, and it’s especially well suited for leather. Boots can certainly be a statement piece in any outfit, for both men and women.

Whether it’s cowboy boots, knee-highs, ankle boots or anything in between, there’s nothing like the look and feel of exotic leather on a boot. It’s also very durable, meaning your boots will last a long time. There’s nothing that fits like a good, broken-in pair of boots, and with the right care a good pair of leather boots will look great for many years, too.

When guys are dressing up for formal events, shoes are one of the few areas they get to really have some fun with. Walking into a place in a pair of gators can make a guy feel like a million bucks. And how about when you want to go out, but it’s too hot even for proper shoes? A pair of snakeskin sandals might be just the right option.


While they may not always be the most visible thing on you, accessories are one of those little things that can affect how you carry yourself and how you feel about your appearance. How about a good, lasts-for-life belt? Maybe a custom leather wallet or money clip? You can even get a briefcase made of exotic leather to bring a personal, powerful statement to your work.

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