How to Care for Leather Clothing and Apparel

How to Care for Leather Clothing and Apparel

January 12, 2021

No one looks good sporting a stiff, cracked leather jacket. Leather clothes often come as an afterthought on laundry day because people in Baton Rouge, LA don’t know what to do with them. Here’s how to take care of your purses, shoes and all things leather.

Wipe away dirt and stains

To take care of leather shoes and apparel, always clean before you condition. Leather clothes require a gentler cleaning method than tossing them into the washing machine. But you don’t have to drop a ton of cash on dry cleaning, either. You can pick up a bottle of commercial cleaning solution from your local leather shop in Baton Rouge, LA and give the clothes a quick wipe down at home.

Those who prefer natural remedies can wipe away dirt with equal parts vinegar and water. Apply a thin coat, because too much water can stain leather. Let the mixture sit for 15 minutes, then clear remaining residue with a damp cloth. People have also found that water and dish soap is just as effective and creates a milder solution.

Stains are a whole different story. The household ingredient you opt for depends on the type of damage you’re dealing with. Baking soda will lift oil and grease from leather clothes, while dabbing nail polish remover with a cotton ball can get rid of ink stains. These home remedies can be used to take care of leather purses and other forms of leather in your closet.

Condition for added moisture

The next step is conditioner. Much like our skin, leather needs moisture so it doesn’t become cracked and dry. Wearing stiff, cracked leather will cause further damage, so get into the habit of massaging a commercial conditioner into the leather with a lint-free cloth. This will give it some shine and restore its supple appearance.

As with cleaning solutions, you can make a conditioner at home with one part vinegar and two parts linseed oil. No matter which conditioner you choose, allow the leather to sit overnight so it can fully absorb the moisture. Both commercial and homemade conditioners work if you need to take care of leather shoes, since all forms of leather can be cleaned the same way.

Avoid bleach and washing machines

Bleach is a huge no when you need to take care of a leather purse and apparel. Commercial leather cleaners are recommended because they have the right chemical balance designed specifically for leather pieces. Bleach will cause irreparable damage and make the leather dry out.

As mentioned before, never toss leather in with your normal load of laundry. Leather isn’t meant to soak in water, and instead needs a topical treatment applied with a damp cloth. Dryers don’t work either, so hang leather clothes to air dry.

Leather apparel requires little maintenance, but still needs a proper cleaning regimen. For additional tips on how to care for leather items, consult the artisans at Acadian Leather. We carefully handcraft leather products in Baton Rouge, LA and will introduce you to leather cleaning solutions that are specially designed to bring out your apparel’s natural shine.

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