What You Need to Know About Ostrich Leather

What You Need to Know About Ostrich Leather

March 23, 2021

Whether you’re a leatherworker in Baton Rouge, LA or you simply admire leather for its strength, beauty and warmth, there are many different types of leather that have their own individual characteristics and attributes. One of the most sought-after raw materials is ostrich leather—it’s been highly prized since the 1850s. Here’s what you need to know about ostrich leather hides and why full quill ostrich products are some of the best you can buy.

It’s one of the finest leathers

If you’re working with leather in your arts and crafts or buying a handbag or other leather good in Baton Rouge, LA, full quill ostrich leather is the best option. It retains a soft and supple texture without sacrificing durability—it’s great for making boots, handbags, wallets, belts or just about any other type of leather product. The natural oils in the leather keep it from cracking and stiffening over time, making it ideal for goods of the highest quality. Its tactile strength is unsurpassed by any other leathers. In short, it’s a highly sought-after material that retains its appearance and strength over time.

The full skin is used

Ostrich leather is unique in that it’s harvested as a full ostrich leather hide. This means that the skin hasn’t been treated or conditioned in any way to change its natural properties. As a result, it retains a soft suppleness and flexibility that you won’t find in other leathers. Full quill hides are processed much more carefully to preserve the largest possible surface area of the hide. They’re prepared in smaller groups and smaller batches, which is reflected in the price of this precious material.

You can easily spot a fake

The texture of full quill ostrich leather is a big part of its visual appeal. A nice hide will contain many raised points that create small bumps, providing both a nice tactile and visual texture. The bumps are actually spots where feathers were growing out of the skin of the ostrich. Each quill bump will form a unique diamond-shaped pattern on the hide, and the hide should be nearly two-thirds covered with the bumps.

While clever manufacturers have been able to fake ostrich leather in their products, you’ll easily be able to spot the difference. When the texture of the bumps seems much too uniform, it’s a safe bet that the material is fake. Since ostrich leather is very expensive, knowing the difference between the real thing and a lookalike can keep you from wasting lots of money on a clever imitation.

When you’re in the market for a beautiful product like full quill ostrich leather in Baton Rouge, LA, it’s important to only buy the best. You need to do a full inspection of your leather products to make sure you’re investing in the real thing, instead of a fake. Contact Acadian Leather today to inquire about our selection, learn more about the beauty of genuine ostrich leather and see how a high-quality product makes all the difference.

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