Choosing the Right Toe for Your Custom Shoes and Boots

Choosing the Right Toe for Your Custom Shoes and Boots

July 7, 2021

Shopping for custom leather boots or shoes isn’t as easy as buying a new pair of sneakers, where you only need to consider the shoe’s size and appearance. In addition to picking out the perfect skin and finish for your new custom boots, you also need to consider the different boot toe types.

There are a few different toe types for each custom boot and shoe. Choosing the wrong one can lead to an uncomfortable experience and, possibly, an unappealing appearance.

The good news for anyone shopping for new leather boots or shoes is that we’re here to help. Continue reading to learn a little bit more about the different toe types and how to pick out the perfect one for your feet.

Pointed toe

Though the level of pointedness varies for pointed-toe boots, this style is often considered the traditional cowboy boot toe. The sharp, dramatic points are known as needle toes, while the rounder points are called snipped toes. The pointy toe might seem like it’d squeeze the wearer’s toes, but boot makers add a little extra room to ensure they’re comfortable.

Pointed-toe boots gained popularity in the 1950s but then fell out of style for a while until the early 2000s, when they saw a resurgence in the boot-wearing community. They’re still some of the most popular boots today.

Rounded toe

With a soft and rounded end, rounded-toe boots are the complete opposite of pointed-toe boots. These shoes are designed for long days of walking or working on a ranch and provide a more casual look than the pointed-toe boots mentioned above.

In addition to looking less fancy than pointed-toe boots, rounded-toe boots are ideal for cowboys with wider feet who need some extra toe room.

Square toe

This is one of the newest shoe toe types on the market. These shoes have a squared shape at the toe, which can either be longer (like a pointed-toe shoe) or shorter (like a rounded-toe shoe). The square toe doesn’t serve any purpose other than to make a fashion statement.

Unlike rounded-toe boots (which are often worn by farmhands working long hours), you may find these shoes in more business settings than out on farms.

Broad-square toe

The final boot toe type we carry is similar to the square-toe boot, but, as the name suggests, broad-square-toe shoes have a very wide square toe. The broad square provides a little extra toe room for wearers with wide feet. The extra toe room makes for more comfortable days working on the farm or walking around the city.

This style didn’t exist a decade ago, but it’s becoming more and more popular each day due to its stylish appearance and comfortable fit.

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