Tips for Choosing the Right Handbag Style

Tips for Choosing the Right Handbag Style

September 21, 2021

Handbag styles are as diverse as the people who carry them. From standard handbags to custom handbags, the choices are nearly limitless. Which one is the right handbag style for you? Use the following tips to determine what style suits you best.

Which material?

When deciding on handbag styles, material is one of the first factors to consider. Leather and leather substitutes remain a popular choice. However, many people choose not to use real leather because it is made from animal skin. Others simply don’t want to carry leather because it is heavy, even when the bag is empty.

If you choose synthetic materials, these come with nice advantages. They are lighter to carry, and, although they look like leather, they may be easier to care for than genuine leather. Other lightweight materials can also be a good option, especially for warmer climates. Consider straw, bamboo, canvas and raffia. As you choose a material, keep in mind which you value more: durability or fashion. Some handbag styles may look great, but they will only last for a season or two.

What’s the purpose?

As you consider various handbag styles, the purpose of the bag should be a top factor. Will you be carrying the bag as you walk? As you ride public transportation? If so, you should choose something lighter weight and that has a secure closure. If you’ll be doing a lot of shopping and accessing your bag often, you may want to choose a cross-over bag that gives you a hands-free style. For those who work a corporate job, you may want to get a quality bag that can accommodate a laptop.

What size?

Handbag styles vary from tiny clutches to child-size satchels. Which size is right for you? Choose one that’s in proportion to your body. Short women will look even smaller if they carry oversized handbag styles. Large women will look disproportioned carrying a tiny bag, which makes them look even bigger.

For the shape of your handbag, a good rule of thumb is to look for shapes that contrast with your body. If you’re curvy and small, choose custom handbags that are structured and feature straight lines. If you’re thin, choose a rounded bag that gives you more curves.

What about compartments?

One of the key features that distinguishes between handbag styles is the number and size of compartments inside the bag. Do you like many separate compartments to store specific items? Do you have large items that require bigger, open spaces inside your handbag? Also, do you prefer quicker access (open or snapped compartments) or more secure access (zippers)? Decide which compartments will work best for you, then look for custom handbags that feature these styles.

Find your perfect handbag styles

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