How to Properly Measure Your Belt Size

How to Properly Measure Your Belt Size

October 28, 2021

A good belt can be an everyday item that serves you for many years. Of course, in order to really get the most value out of your belt, you need to know how to measure your belt size so you can ensure you get the right fit.

So, what do you need to know about how to find your belt size? Here’s a quick series of instructions that may be of assistance.

How to measure your belt size

If you already have a belt in your possession that you know fits you well, this can be a great place to start.

Lay out the belt on a flat surface and bring out a tape measure. Start the tape measure at the hole you use for your belt, and measure to the portion where the belt meets the buckle. Measure to the nearest inch. If you measure approximately 36 inches, for example, you should purchase a belt of that size.

You can also choose your belts based on the size of pants you wear. This is a little complicated, because you can’t just choose your exact waist size and expect the belt to fit. Instead, you should add two inches to the waist size for pants you normally wear. So, for example, if you wear pants with a 36” waist, you should pick a 38 belt size.

This formula will work for most people who wear pants at the standard height, right around the natural waistline. However, if you will be wearing low-rise pants or jeans, you might want to add three or four inches to your pant size, as you’ll be passing over part of the hip, which is wider than the waist.

Finally, you can also measure your body rather than going off an existing belt or your pant size. To measure your body to determine an optimal belt size, you can use a flexible tape measure and thread it through the belt loops of your pants. Make sure to stand in a natural, relaxed position while doing this—do not suck in or push out your belly, as you won’t be getting an accurate measurement. Keep the tape snug against your body. Round to the nearest inch when you’ve completed your measurement to give you a good idea of your belt size.

Keep in mind that some types of belts will stretch over time, so if your belt initially fits snugly, there’s a good chance it will become more comfortable later on. This is particularly true for certain types of leather. Still, make sure you have a belt that fits snugly but comfortably when you first purchase it.

Are you in need of more assistance in picking out a belt? Our team at Acadian Leather would be happy to show you how to find your belt size and to assist you in choosing from our broad selection of exotic leather belts. For more information about the products we have in stock, contact our team today with any questions you have.

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