What Type of Leather Should I Choose?

What Type of Leather Should I Choose?

November 16, 2021

When shopping for a leather product, you’ll notice that the description for many items mentions the grain of leather it’s made of—but what does that mean, and does it matter at all?

Those answers aren’t as complicated as you’d think! This post will cover everything you need to know about the four types of leather grains.

Full grain

An animal hide can be cut to separate the surface layers from the other layers when it’s being processed. Full-grain leather leaves the hide intact with no splitting or surface alterations. This makes full grain stronger and showcases the hide’s natural texture and pattern.

Another unique feature of full-grain leather is that it develops a patina over time as it ages. Buyers who want to showcase that their belongings are high-quality leather love that about full grain.

Top grain

The top grain is the outer layer of skin that’s separated from the other layers. The top grain isn’t strong or dense enough to be a finished product. To accommodate for this, the surface is sanded, and an artificial grain texture is pressed into the hide. After the texture is applied, the surface is stained or pigmented.

These types of leather grains are perfect for producing suede and nubuck. While top-grain products are softer, they will stretch out over time.

Corrected grain

As the name suggests, corrected-leather grains have been corrected by removing imperfections from the surface. Just like with top-grain leather, the surface is sanded before an artificial grain texture is applied to the hide. The finish reduces the leather’s natural texture and color; however, corrected grain is the type used for colored leather.

Split leathers

These types of leather grains are made from the fibrous leftovers from the upper portion of the rawhide. Split leather is typically sanded down and embossed with a pattern, like corrected grain and top grain. Products made of split leather aren’t of the highest quality, but they are more affordable than other leathers.

Which type is the best?

By now, you’re probably wondering which is the best type of leather. The answer is without a doubt full-grain leather. Because it hasn’t been separated from other layers, full-grain leathers are the most dependable and longest-lasting on the market. Full grain is also the only type of leather that doesn’t have a finish, making it more breathable.

We should note that full-grain leather is the most expensive option. That said, full-grain leather is worth the money to people looking for a high-quality product. With some proper care, your full-grain boots, purse or jacket will last a lifetime.

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