The Difference Between Leather Conditioners & Leather Cleaners

The Difference Between Leather Conditioners & Leather Cleaners

March 28, 2022

Leather shoes and apparel are not only attractive but also a great investment. Leather clothing and shoes always last longer than items made from less durable materials. To make the most of your leather purchases, though, you will need to know how to care for them properly. Understanding the difference between leather cleaners and leather conditioners is crucial to proper care. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is the Difference Between Leather Cleaner and Conditioner?

The simple answer is that a leather cleaner will remove dirt and grimy build-up from leather, but a conditioner will replace dried-out oils. Both of these products will be important to the longevity of your items. You will want to be sure you understand how to use each of these items correctly so as not to damage your leather.

Leather Cleaning

A leather cleaner is a cleaning product that is specifically designed to get rid of the dirt and build-up from leather surfaces. This product works very gently so that the leather is not damaged. Many types of cleaning products strip oils. This is handy if you are cleaning the kitchen, but not so much if you are cleaning genuine leather. A leather cleaner is made to help maintain the leather’s natural oil, beauty and softness.

Although you do not want to clean your leather in such a way as to damage it, you do definitely want to clean it. Leaving dirt and grime on the leather can also damage it.

First, you will want to dust your leather. This will remove any loose dirt or dust. If you are using a leather cleaner for the first time, you will want to try out the product on a hidden part of the item to ensure it does not discolor or damage the leather.

Next, you will want to use a soft cloth, dipped in the solution and gently clean the leather. Use a damp cloth to wipe off the excess.

Leather Conditioning 

Conditioning leather is also a vitally important step in the care process, but what is leather conditioner? After you have cleaned your item thoroughly and safely, you will want to apply a leather conditioner. A leather conditioner is a product designed to reapply oils to the leather. Leather has naturally occurring oils in it, as well as oils that are applied during the leather-making process. These oils are crucial to the beauty and feel of the product. If these oils dry out or are stripped away through bad cleaning habits, the leather will eventually become damaged.

Apply the conditioning treatment to the leather per the product’s description.

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