We Offer Custom Exotic Leather Apparel & Accessories for Bikers

We Offer Custom Exotic Leather Apparel & Accessories for Bikers

April 28, 2022

For the serious biker and motorcyclist who cares about safety above all else, it’s important to know your leather. There are many materials that leather jackets, boots, riding chaps, and other leather accessories are made from. There are also several tanning processes that make custom biker leathers different from others.

Let’s discuss some of these materials and processes so that you or any other motorcyclist or biker enthusiast can make a smart, safe, and stylish purchase when it comes to leather jackets, custom leather motorcycle chaps, and other leather apparel and accessories.

1. Cowhide

Cowhide is considered the best of the three main materials for motorcycle leathers. This is the most commonly used of the main three. It is generally most people’s choice for its strength and durability. Cowhide can range from approximately 1 to 1.3 millimeters in thickness, depending on which tanning process has been used.

It is made from a naturally warm material and will provide the most protection against road rash should a motorcyclist or biker be involved in a crash. It is the best for riding-grade leather. Cowhide is the main choice for bikers everywhere.

2. Buffalo Hide

Buffalo hide is another excellent choice for motorcycle and biker leather apparel. Most buffalo hide does not come from North American buffalo, as many people would assume. It is generally made from the hide of the water buffalo, with the majority of hides coming from Pakistan or India.

Pakistanis are world-renowned for their expertise in the treatment and manufacture of Buffalo hides and other fine leather products. Buffalo hide by nature is quite thick, about 1.2 millimeters. It can be tanned in naked leather and top-grain leather processes. It is tear-resistant and not easily damaged. Buffalo hide is considered to be riding-grade leather, though it is less commonly used than cowhide.

3. Pigskin

When you hear the term “pigskin,” many people think of the material a football is made from. However, quite a few motorcycle jackets, riding chaps, vests, and other accessories are made from pigskin.

Pigskin is used for much of the biker apparel worn by people who don’t actually ride. It is thicker in nature, soft, and looks nice but isn’t nearly as effective for protection should a biker take a spill. This is why many vests and other apparel that aren’t as protective are made from pigskin.

If you’re looking for the best durability and protection from road rash, buffalo hide and especially cowhide will do a far better job than pigskin. Most motorcyclists and bikers would not recommend wearing pigskin for actual protection between themselves and the road.

You will encounter the three main types of hides when looking for motorcycle leathers. Cowhide, Buffalo hide, and pigskin are the choices most bikers choose from. Determine what your needs are and check into these great options.

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