How Do I Prevent Leather Boots From Cracking?

How Do I Prevent Leather Boots From Cracking?

May 13, 2022

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All leather products require good care to help them last their longest and maintain their good looks. Poor care causes creasing, cracking, and eventual splitting of the leather. Good care enables you to keep them looking shiny and new while also being more pliable and comfortable.

Leather is a natural substance that requires ideal levels of oil and protection against the natural elements and normal wear and tear. When you take care of your leather boots correctly, the soles should wear out long before the leather does. Unfortunately, the opposite often happens due to poor care which often leads to cracked leather boots.

Many Dangers Degrade and Damage Leather

Life on or near the Gulf of Mexico means lots of exposure to rain, salty sea air, and the hot sun. All three elements can dry out leather and cause it to shrink, crease, and crack. The leather-degradation process usually follows those three steps and could include scuffs and scrapes that open the leather and make it more prone to damage.

If your leather becomes water-logged during a heavy downpour, it will shrink slightly as it dries out. While drying out, the leather loses some of its natural oils that help to repel water and prevent shrinking, cracking, and damage.

Eventually, the leather will develop creases that become cracks. And cracks could require major repairs or an entirely new pair of leather boots. The potential for natural processes to damage your leather boots makes it very important to care for them properly.

How to Fix Cracked Leather Boots

If you see creasing along the surface area of your boots, you need to treat them with leather conditioner. Mink oil and bear grease are two excellent examples of products that you can apply to your leather to help keep it naturally soft and water-resistant.

You should start by cleaning your boots to remove all dirt that might get trapped in their pores. A good leather-cleaning product from Acadian Leather, along with a brush and a clean cloth, can help to ensure all dirt, grime, and other contaminants are removed from the leather.

Once the leather is clean, you can use mink oil, bear grease, or another leather care product to replace the natural oils contained within the leather which make it soft and supple. You need to treat the leather to prevent cracking from occurring.

Once leather cracks, it can only be sewn or replaced. So it is very important to be proactive and treat your leather with one of the many great products available at Acadian Leather in Clinton, Louisiana.

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