What Is the Strongest Kind of Leather?

What Is the Strongest Kind of Leather?

June 24, 2022

No one can blame you if you’re a fan of leather. It’s one of the sturdiest and most gorgeous materials and makes impressive shoes and belts. Knowing the strongest type of leather will give you more insight into how to shop for the best products. Here’s some helpful information about leather and which type is the strongest.

Animals That Manufacturers Use for Leather

Most people are familiar with cowhide leather, which is used for belts, purses, shoes, and more. However, manufacturers use a wealth of other animals to create leather products. Other commonly used animals are pigs, horses, deer, sheep, and kangaroos. Manufacturers also use animals such as ostriches, stingrays, snakes, and frogs to create products in another category of leathers known as the exotic class.

Full-Grain and Top-Grain Leather

All leather products come from the hide or skin of an animal. The part of the hide below the hair is the firmest part. Full-grain leather comes from that part of the hide. Top-grain leather comes from the same area, but the manufacturers modify it by sanding off the top few millimeters and then buffing the area. This process makes the leather smoother and more appealing. However, it also makes the product a little less durable. It’s up to you to decide if you value the looks or durability more.

The Strongest Leather

Many factors affect the quality and strength of a leather product. The animal’s age, sex, health, and living conditions can raise or lower the quality of the leather it creates, for example. Nevertheless, kangaroo leather is one of the strongest leathers, according to the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

There are many reasons kangaroo leather is so durable, and one of those reasons is the skin’s fibrous structure. Kangaroo skin also has a low fat content, which means it can retain its durability for much longer than other animals’ skin. Third, the elastin in a kangaroo’s skin gives it a thickness that no other such product has.

How To Find a Good Shop for Leather

It’s never wise to buy leather at a random shop. You’ll need to hunt down a reputable leather dealer if you want quality merchandise. The first thing to look for is years of experience in the industry. Most longstanding leather dealers are still in business because they provide customers with A-1 leather products. Next, you need to search for variety and go to a shop with a huge inventory that includes exotic leather types. Test the customer service at the location of choice. Call or email to see how they respond to your contact. Promptness, courtesy, and knowledge show that you should shop with that provider.

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