Different Leathers for Different Products; Why Thickness Plays a Roll

Different Leathers for Different Products; Why Thickness Plays a Roll

July 8, 2022

Leather is a fantastic material that can be used for nearly anything. It is supple, it can be molded, it can be cut, and it can be tailored to the project that is being completed. This means that leather is very versatile and very durable and is a great material overall for a wide range of projects. That being said, not all leather is going to be suited for every project.

What is Leather Thickness?

Leather thickness is just that, how thick the leather is which is then used to determine the weight of the leather. Different leather thicknesses are best suited for different jobs. A great example would be binding a book, a leather-bound book is going to be able to use thinner leather than a trunk or a pair of shoes.

Leather thickness is very important and can make a huge difference in how the project pans out and how it looks in the end. Thickness affects a few different aspects of the leather itself. It first affects how easy it is to bend, fold and mold the leather. The thinner the leather is, the more supple it is. Also, thinner leather is softer. Thicker leather is going to be sturdier, it is going to be stiffer, and it is also going to be more durable.

Different projects call for different leather thicknesses. It is important that if you are having a project completed or if you are taking on a project yourself, that you do take the time to pay attention to your leather thickness before you begin.

Leather Thickness Guide

It is always best to find a reliable guide that can help you determine what thickness of leather you need. A great chart is going to include things like the weight of the leather, a basic measure of the leather, and of course, how thick it is in both inches and millimeters. The main issue with thickness is that very thick leather is going to be harder to work with and is going to require different tools, different skills, and more time to work with.

Leather is a supple material that is fantastic to work with. Taking the time to determine what leather thickness is needed, what is going to work best for the project at hand, and taking the time to follow a thickness guide can help you get the best results possible.

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