What Is Considered Exotic Leather?

What Is Considered Exotic Leather?

September 9, 2022

Leather is such a huge industry; odds are you have something leather in your closet or home and have used it repeatedly. Leather lasts, it can stay in your family for decades and the craftsmanship that goes into leather goods is simply astounding. We have all heard of cow leather, but there are many different types of leather, including exotic leather.

What Is Exotic Leather?

For leather to be considered exotic, it must be made from a rare animal or from an animal whose hide is not normally processed and turned into leather. This can also mean any leather that is not cowhide leather. There are so many different leather types out there and knowing what a few of the most exotic leathers are can help you determine if you want something made of that leather.

  • Elephant leather
  • Alligator leather
  • Ostrich leather
  • Python leather
  • Hippo leather
  • Stingray leather

These are just a few examples of exotic leathers. When it comes to exotic leathers, it is so important to find a reputable dealer or craftsman that is going to not only have high-quality leather, but that is also going to have leather that is responsibly sourced and that is not going to be made from endangered animals.

What Is Exotic Leather Good For?

Exotic leather can be used for anything that typical cow leather can be used for. It can be used for shoes, belts, bags, clothing, and more. It can also be added to items that are made like bags and shoes as accents to take something that is relatively normal and boring and make it something special and different.

With exotic leathers, you want to find a craftsman who knows how to use the leather, how to create pieces with these special leathers, and how to responsibly source them. With exotic leather, you are going to be paying more for these as they are not as easy to get ahold of, and they are rarer and may not be as readily available as other leathers.

When it comes to exotic leather, sustainability and responsible sourcing is the most important thing to note. If you see that a dealer has leather from an endangered animal, that is not something you want to buy and you likely should not purchase anything from that dealer again.

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