5 Facts About Leather You Didn't Know

5 Facts About Leather You Didn’t Know

October 7, 2022

As a leather enthusiast, you probably think you know all about it. However, there are some facts about leather that may still surprise you. These are five new things to know about leather.

1. Leather Has Been Treasured Since 3000 BC

Leather’s popularity is not a new thing at all. As a matter of fact, it was popular among the Romans and Egyptians. The Romans used it for sailboat sails, but the Egyptians used it for clothing and other fashionable items.

2. White Leather Has Complex Production Processes

White leather sneakers are some of the coolest-looking and highly desirable types of shoes, but most people don’t know that white leather is extremely difficult to make. Manufacturers must go to extensive lengths to get the top-quality hides necessary to make these sneakers.

Without the best hides, white leather can easily become brittle and crack, causing the item to deteriorate and become useless. Think about that the next time you consider purchasing a pair of gorgeous white leather shoes.

3. Cowhide Is the Most Popular Leather

Cowhide is the most widely used type of leather and is the most popular among consumers. Manufacturers use it to make a multitude of products, like purses, wallets, jackets, belts, shoes, and the like. The reason it’s so popular is that it’s very thick and sturdy. Cowhide is also lightweight and easy for a person to take care of.

4. People Used to Have Leather Wallpaper

One of leather’s first uses was to create wallpaper. People used it to make a fashion statement within specific households. The practice of using it in this manner was typically restricted to the Italians in Venice in the 17th Century. Over time, however, the habits expanded to other cultures.

5. There Is Such a Thing as Salmon Leather

The answer is yes if you ever wondered if such a thing as salmon leather existed. The existence of salmon leather is probably one of the least-known leather facts. The US and UK are not that keen on it yet, but it’s trendy in places like Norway. Salmon leather doesn’t carry a typical salmon color but is highly durable and unique.

Bonus Fact: People Generally Wear Four Pieces of Leather

A study showed that the average human wears approximately four pieces of leather. That might sound like a lot, but it’s not that big a deal if you think about it. Think about the average woman who might have a purse, belt, boots, and coat. It’s relatively easy to accumulate or wear four pieces of leather. It’s so unbelievably abundant that it exists in every corner of the world.

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