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Caring for Alligator Hide

August 17, 2021

Alligators have a tougher hide than most other game animals in Louisiana. As with most animal hides, it requires certain tools to properly skin an alligator. Good alligator hide is valuable and often used to make exquisite items like purses, leather shoes and more. That’s why it’s important to know... View Article

Conservation of Alligators in Louisiana: A Responsible Industry

August 11, 2021

There’s a lot getting done to help ensure the survival of alligators, crocodiles and similar reptiles. In fact, in the last 50 years, Louisiana’s population of wild alligators went from less than 100,000 to more than 2 million. This is thanks in large part to the work of the Louisiana... View Article

Products That Might Feature Alligator Leather

July 28, 2021

While most people know that alligator hides are used for purses and shoes, not everyone realizes the material has plenty of additional uses. In fact, you can use alligator leather hides to create almost anything that features cow leather. Alligator leather even offers plenty of great benefits. It’s durable, smooth,... View Article

Choosing the Right Toe for Your Custom Shoes and Boots

July 7, 2021

Shopping for custom leather boots or shoes isn’t as easy as buying a new pair of sneakers, where you only need to consider the shoe’s size and appearance. In addition to picking out the perfect skin and finish for your new custom boots, you also need to consider the different... View Article

The Different Types of Finishes for Your Leather Products

June 23, 2021

Anyone unfamiliar with the world of leather products may assume that all leather is essentially the same and that the only differences lie in the animal the leather came from. While different animals do produce different kinds of leather, there is also a variety of finishes a shopper should consider.... View Article